Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Plug In for Children's Data Could be a Life Saver

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PRNewswire/ -- Given the increasingly number of kids that get injured or go missing each day, SafetyNet4Kids Inc., a leading technology provider of solutions that give parents the ability to keep the critical information about their child close at hand, introduces the FamilyGuard(TM) USB Keychain. This third-generation child identification solution allows parents to store detailed information including medical information, digital fingerprints, and digital photos for all of their children on one easy-to-carry USB keychain.

"The first generation of child ID solutions were simply a laminated card with at most one picture and one ink fingerprint of the child on the back," said Katharine Francis, Founder & CEO of SafetyNet4Kids. "We launched SafetyNet4Kids to bring the second generation of child ID solutions to market -- a CD-ROM that stored 2 digital photographs and 10 digital fingerprints. With FamilyGuard(TM), we are moving to a third-generation solution."

The FamilyGuard(TM) USB Keychain provides parents with a secure digital repository that allows them to store digital pictures, 10 digital fingerprints, and detailed medical information about all of their children. This information is stored on a rugged USB keychain that can be plugged into any Windows computer -- allowing the data to be accessed at a moment's notice in case it is needed. In case of a missing child, parents can use FamilyGuard(TM) to create a missing child poster and send a digital dossier of their child to the media or law enforcement.

For those times when a child needs a medical waiver form -- whether staying with a relative or going on a school field trip -- FamilyGuard(TM) produces a standard medical waiver form that can be printed and signed by the parent.

Since accurate, up-to-date information is critical in the search for a missing child, FamilyGuard(TM) allows parents to easily and securely update all of the information about their children. Pictures can either be updated by the parent, or at a local SafetyNet4Kids partner or event in their community. At these events, parents can also update their child's fingerprints. SafetyNet4Kids has partnered with L-1 Identity Solutions to produce FBI-compliant digital fingerprints that are stored on FamilyGuard(TM).

FamilyGuard(TM) is available through local SafetyNet4Kids locations, or through the SafetyNet4Kids website.


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