Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scam warning - Dynasty Sales, LLC going door to door selling magazine subscriptions

Advisory Message has been issued by the Tyrone Police Department.
Sunday October 18, 2009 16:38 PM EDT

An individual living just outside the Town limits sent me an email to advise me of a potential scam:

"A young white male representing “Dynasty Sales, LLC” was in the _______ subdivision on Friday October 16 selling magazine subscriptions. My wife ‘bought’ a magazine that totaled $49.00. We received a call from another person living in Sharpsburg today. He found my wife’s order form in the street. Using the number on the order form, he contacted us to let us know he had our order. He had also been approached on Friday evening but didn’t buy. We compared stories and the person’s description matched but the sales pitch didn’t. The young man told us he lived in a specific house in our neighborhood. When we checked if he lived there we found out he didn’t but had already been to that house soliciting money for a soccer team. This guy is really good and I hope he doesn’t hit Tyrone."

Please be extremely vigilant when individuals approach your home soliciting products. Criminals use these tactics to obtain your information for the purpose of identity fraud and they may be using their approach and sales pitch as a method to get a closer look at your home in order to "case" it.

It is against Town ordinance for anyone to sell door to door without a permit and documentation from Town Hall. Ask anyone who approaches you to see their permit. If they can't produce a valid permit tell them "no thanks", politely ask them to leave, and call 911 or 770-461-HELP immediately and provide the dispatcher with a description of the person and the activity and an officer will respond.

If you have interacted with this individual - especially if you made a purchase - please send me an email at and I will arrange to have a report filed and assist you with protecting your information.

Chief Brandon Perkins

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