Monday, September 13, 2010

Alarm Company Scam Targeting Neighborhoods

Home alarms should provide some sense of security, but there is a new warning about an alleged scam targeting people with home alarm systems.

This summer, beware of door-to-door home security scams. These guys are swindlers and they will lie to get you to switch your account. Their offer will sound great, but it’s not legitimate. You might end up with some unpleasant consequences: double bills, a non-working security system, and a real headache trying to get the situation fixed. Never change your security provider without calling your original provider.

Look for the signs of a scam:

1. Offering free upgrades or equipment - They might claim that your system is analog and will quit working. This is not true.
2. Claiming that your provider is out of business.
3. Using high pressure sales talk, trying to make you switch security companies. - The pressure should be a red flag: honest and legitimate sales people don’t need to be pushy.

These people are often friendly, neatly dressed, and college-aged. They are usually unassuming and can be perceived as very helpful and informative. The sales pitch varies, but often they will deceive you by saying that your home security alarm system is inadequate or faulty and needs to be replaced. They might claim that your provider is out of business. None of it is true.

Homeowners say the reps are carrying clipboards and wearing shirts.

Don’t be surprised. The last thing you should be doing is to let anybody in the house and definitely don’t let them mess with your security system. That's what keeping people safe.

They're taking advantage of customers who end up having two contracts, one with their current company, and one with this new company that's going be gone in a week and you're never going be able to get in touch with them.

So, if someone comes knocking and tells you your alarm system doesn't work or your company has gone out of business, you should definitely be alarmed.

If you think it's a scam, call police and check with your alarm company right away. Report these scammers to the Newnan Police at 770-254-2355. Any sales person coming to your door should have an ID from the Newnan Police Department.


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