Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crime Victim Law Group to Release 'Choosing a Safer Apartment Community in Georgia.'

/PRNewswire/ -- Today, the Crime Victim Law Group announced the release of a guide designed to help Atlanta renters avoid crime and find a safe place to live. "Choosing a Safer Apartment Community in Georgia" presents simple, effective guidelines for finding a safe apartment complex; tips on how to make your current apartment safer; and, precautions to take to avoid being a victim of crime at any apartment property.

The purpose of the guide is to alert renters to conditions that enable criminals to victimize apartment dwellers and their guests. Being able to recognize certain conditions and situations helps a renter make a well-informed decision when choosing an apartment.

The guide details how inadequate or poor security can create an environment that not only encourages crime, it practically invites it. Properly functioning gated entries, effective security guards, and active neighborhood watch programs can make a substantial difference in deterring criminals who often operate in apartment communities.

The Crime Victim Law Group guide "Choosing a Safer Apartment Community in Georgia" is available as a PDF download at: http://www.victimattorneys.com/choosing-a-safer-apartment-community-in-georgia-download-the-pdf

From finding a safe apartment to making a current home safer, this Guide is intended to empower Atlanta renters so they might avoid becoming victims. Knowledge is power when choosing a home environment that is relatively free from violent crime. And, knowing the right questions to ask and the right things to look for can make all the difference when the safety, health and well-being of family and friends is at stake.

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