Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tornado, bad weather, Atlanta, emergency, fire & police...

What a fantastic job our fire, emergency and police did last night and today! I had family at the SEC game and so had an almost minute-by-minute via cell phone. My husband and I were glued to computers and television while the weather raged.

I started getting updates from Atlanta's Mayor Shirley Franklin fairly early in the process. She and her trusty Media Relations queen were on top of it all and were great about keeping the world updated.

The city seems to have pulled together and I've seen a lot of folks stepping up to help. There's never a good time for bad weather, but with all the sports action and convention action in the downtown area, this weekend's weather had particularly bad timing.

Today was a bit hairy also. We had more bad weather and I had more family members who were affected by the hail, wind and rain.

Weather like this can really make a person realize how insignificant and weak we humans are in the scheme of things. Seeing the downed signs, damaged buildings and destruction caused by the storms I'm amazed we didn't see more injuries.

Everyone I've talked to who personally experienced the events in Atlanta last night talked about how great the emergency personnel handled the situation. Kudos to all those who helped out in whatever way they could last night and today. Now it's the cleanup crews who'll be out doing the hard work... hopefully everyone else is getting a bit of well-deserved rest.

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