Sunday, March 16, 2008


Atlanta Police are urging motorists to use extreme caution when returning to work Monday morning as numerous traffic lights remain out of order, and city crews continue to clear debris from the areas affected by the severe weather on Friday and Saturday.

The following streets remain closed to traffic as of noon today:

Jesse Hill Boulevard from Coca Cola to Armstrong (wires down on Jesse Hill)

Auburn Avenue from Fort Street to Jesse Hill

Coca Cola Pl. from Jesse Hill to Pratt Street

Boulevard from Gartrell to Memorial Drive (north and south)

The area between Gartrell, Jackson, Todd and William Holmes Borders Sr. streets

Park Place from Edgewood to Auburn streets

Marietta Street from Peachtree to Fairlie (westbound only)

Marietta Street – Park to Centennial Olympic Parkway

Luckie Street from Spring Street to Centennial Olympic Parkway

Peachtree Street from Marietta to Harris streets

Andrew Young International Boulevard from Courtland to Spring streets

Harris Street from Spring to Peachtree streets

Spring Street from Marietta to Harris streets

Nassau Street from Spring Street to Centennial Olympic Parkway

Forsyth Street from Marietta to Walton streets

There are still approximately 159 signal lights needing repairs. Drivers should treat these intersections as 4-way stops. Stop at the corner, and proceed one by one, giving the right-of-way to the driver on the right.

Lane control signals are also not functional at various entrances to freeways. Use courtesy in merging onto the freeways.

Atlanta Police are working on a detailed plan for Monday’s rush hour traffic, ensuring police will be on scene at problem intersections directing traffic. The public is asked to use extreme caution and patience when driving in the city tomorrow.

Department and assisting agency updates as of noon today:

Department Public Works Solid Waste and Maintenance Divisions

· The Traffic Signal Division has completed 112 signal repairs, 35 of which were direct replacement of actual traffic signal heads. They have also completed 77 other repairs which include such things as repairing/resetting signal controllers, conduit repair, realigning signal heads, etc. There are 159 repairs pending:

· Intersections with severely damaged signal heads

· Intersections that need new traffic controllers

· Intersections that need fiber repair to re-establish signal communications

· Three crews are supporting the Parks Department in efforts to clear trees from public streets. There are still 36 trees blocking streets (12 in the NW, 22 in SE, 1 in NW, And 1 in SW)

· Cobb County and Fulton County are assisting City efforts and have provided a contingency of 19 and 10 employees respectively

· Vine City has 13 crews, 7 Solid Waste Services and 6 Cobb County. There are also 3 chainsaw operators from Cobb County assisting in this area.

· Cabbagetown has 9 crews, 7 Solid Waste Services, 2 Fulton County and 4 chainsaw operators from Fulton County

· Tree and debris removal efforts will primarily be concentrated in the Vine City and Cabbagetown areas

· Efforts are also being supported by 4 crews from the Department of Watershed Management

· Damage assessments are ongoing, and teams are gauging what remains to be completed

Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs

· 30 of the 78 downed trees have been removed

· Central Park Recreation Shelter is still open and staffed by the Red Cross

Atlanta Fire-Rescue

· Responded to approximately 300 calls during the storm

Red Cross

· Staffing Central Park Recreation Center

· Working to open a service center open in Vine City

Salvation Army

· Continued commitment to feed first responders and properties that were and may still be without power

· Three mobile canteens roving disaster areas providing hot meals and beverages

· Prepared to provide an additional 1,000 meals through lunch and dinner

Georgia Power

· 60 properties left without power

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