Monday, May 5, 2008


Peachtree City and Leslie Contracting have reached an agreement concerning issues that have arisen regarding the City’s Police Department Building.

Leslie will perform certain repairs at no cost to the City or its taxpayers. In addition, Leslie has agreed to perform additional remedial work at a significantly reduced price, again resulting in a significant savings to the City based upon current estimates to repair the building.

The agreement resolves any claims that the City could have raised against Leslie regarding its construction of the Police Building. While Leslie disputed those claims, both factually and legally, it wanted to “assist the City in resolving this issue” according to Wayne Leslie, the firm’s CEO.

Mayor Harold Logsdon said that he appreciated Leslie’s willingness to come to the table in good faith and assist the City in this matter. “Leslie has a good reputation as a builder, and has successfully completed projects for the City before and after the Police Building. Naturally, we all wish there had not been a problem with the building. Leslie voluntarily came to the table and did the right thing, and I commend them for doing so. More importantly, the agreement will help the City get the building repaired in a more cost-effective manner than was originally anticipated,” said Logsdon.

With respect to the agreement, Wayne Leslie said, “As a member of the Fayette County community, we want to do our part in helping arrive at a solution. Sometimes it is prudent to agree to disagee and then move forward to solve a problem. I commend the efforts of the City officials and their consultants in reaching this resolution.”

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